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Location: Jakuan Tea House
Meeting Time: Saturday 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Donated by the 15th generation grand tea master, Dr. Genshitsu Sen, the Jakuan Tea House has held countless tea demonstrations, classes, and events that allow people of many cultures to study the way of tea. In the 1970s, the Jakuan Tea House was built in Japan, disassembled, and shipped to Hawai'i where it was reassembled in the East-West garden by Japanese craftsmen. Since then, the tea house has been a place of education where students have been able to study tea ceremony in-depth in an authentic environment.

The members of the U.H. Tea Club learn to perform the Urasenke-style of tea ceremonies appropriate for use in the tea house. We occasionally perform demonstrations on request for community groups in addition to the public ceremonies that are part of our club year. Besides learning the various styles of tea ceremony we also learn about the myriad and multi-faceted aspects of Japanese art and culture that pertain to Chado. We request a membership fee of $20 per semester to fund club activities

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Hatsudate: A celebration for the New Year’s Tea Ceremony in January. It is different from “Robiraki”, which is another celebration by the tea practitioners with newly opened pot of green tea for the coming year. At UH “Hatsudate” Tea Ceremony, Tea Club members are dressed in Kimono, and invite those who may or may not be familiar with Chado to celebrate coming of the New Year with a bowl of green tea, our handmade special sweets called “Hanabira-mochi”, and Japanese style New Year’s “Osechi” meal. Reservation is required.

Summer Seminar: Urasenke Hawaii’s traditional event for nearly 50 years. UH Tea Club members and the alumni seperately holds tea ceremonies at two locations, Jakuan Tea House and Jefferson Building at East West Center respectively. Dr. Genshitsu Sen and about 90 to 120 tea practitioners arrive from Japan every year and enjoy Chado with Hawaiian hospitality. Registration at the Urasenke Tankokai in Kyoto is required.

Tea Demonstrations: Often, professors from other schools or classes request a tea demonstration from UH Tea Club, in which students can view a demonstration of the tea ceremoney, eat sweets, drink tea, and learn about the history of Jakuan Tea House and Chado.

Additional Information

ASAN 323: The Way of Tea in Japanese History and Culture is a lecture class where you can learn more about the history and culture behind tea ceremony.
ASAN 324: Interested in the club, but not ready to commit? Take the Chado-Way of Tea Practicum! Learn the basics of tea ceremony, by actually practicing.

Check out the Center of Japanese Studies website HERE as well!

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